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Stamper, Alva Edison b. unknown d. Aug. 25, 1945 Fort Bliss National Cemet... El PasoEl Paso CountyTexas, USA 
 Stamper, Bud R. b. 1877 d. 1952 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA
Stamper, Claude L, Jr b. Dec. 2, 1922 d. Sep. 28, 1999 Houston National Cemetery HoustonHarris CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Deen, Sr b. May. 12, 1887 d. Jul. 31, 1980 China Spring Cemetery China SpringsMcLennan CountyTexas, USA 
 Stamper, Earnest Don R. b. 1969 d. 1969 Glenwood Cemetery Upshur CountyTexas, USA
 Stamper, Earnest Odell b. Jun. 19, 1926 d. Jun. 12, 1991 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA
Stamper, Ellen R. b. Dec. 24, 1913 d. Jun. 15, 1985 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
 Flossie Stamperb. Aug. 22, 1891 d. Aug. 26, 1934 China Spring Cemetery China SpringsMcLennan CountyTexas, USA
Stamper, Harvey L b. Nov. 3, 1936 d. May. 24, 1999 Union Springs Cemetery CorriganPolk CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Jack R. b. 1924 d. 1994 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, James R.B. b. Sep. 27, 1913 d. Feb. 1, 1972 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Jess M. b. 1906 d. 1995 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Kathleen Roycroft b. Jul. 9, 1953 d. May. 18, 2004 Elmo Cemetery ElmoKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Leoria b. 1884 d. 1968 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Lillie K. b. Sep. 10, 1955 d. Feb. 1, 1999 Elmo Cemetery ElmoKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Louise Lane b. Feb. 25, 1924 d. Jun. 9, 2003 Elm Grove Van Zandt CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Maggie Lena b. 1907 d. 1991 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Michael b. Sep. 6, 1962 d. Jan. 11, 1984 Morrow Chapel Cemetery OlaKaufman CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Nancy Ann b. unknown d. Jul. 15, 1980 Unknown HoustonHarris CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Pattie Feeler Odessa Cemetery Ector CountyTexas, USA 
 Stamper, Ruth C b. May. 1, 1904 d. Feb. 1, 1996 Fort Sam Houston National... San AntonioBexar CountyTexas, USA
Stamper, Sada Milton b. Apr. 7, 1895 d. Jun. 27, 1966 Fort Bliss National Cemet... El PasoEl Paso CountyTexas, USA 
Stamper, Smith b. Aug. 7, 1898 d. Jan. 28, 1969 Fort Sam Houston National... San AntonioBexar CountyTexas, USA 
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 Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery - San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Stamper, Ruth C, b. 05/01/1904, d. 02/01/1996,
US Air Force, SMSGT, Res: San Antonio, TX,
Plot: X 0 2093, bur. 02/08/1996
 Stamper, Smith , b. 08/07/1898, d. 01/28/1969,
PFC, US ARMY, Res: San Antonio, TX,
Plot: X 2093, bur. 01/30/1969,
 Fort Bliss National Cemetery - Ft. Bliss, El Paso County, Texas
Stamper, Alva Edison, d. 08/25/1945, PVT MED DETACHMENT 310TH COAST ARTY BN,
Plot: E 8666 BLK, bur. 08/29/1945, *
 Stamper, Sada Milton, b. 04/07/1895, d. 06/27/1966, CPL US ARMY,
Plot: D 1985, bur. 06/27/1966, *
  Houston National Cemetery - Houston, Harris County, Texas
 Stamper, Claude L Jr, b. 12/02/1922, d. 09/28/1999,
US Army Air Forces, S SGT, Res: Huffman, TX,
Plot: N2 0 60, bur. 09/30/1999
Vashti Cemetery, Clay Co., Texas
Stamper, Susan A. (Wife of H. F. Stamper) 4 April 1860 - 26 September 1919
Stamper, M, M. 6 October 1882 - 9 October 1906
 Funeral Record of Carolyn Sue Stamper
Shared by Sue Tackel ... Wed, Sept 21, 2005
 Texarkana USA Genealogical Society
STAMPER, Henry Mrs(Lukie) 6 147  
STAMPER, Josephine A 1 890  
STAMPER, Paul A 5 178  
STAMPER, Virginia Morton 2 158 
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 Name   Born Died   Cemetery   State   County 
 Stamper, Carmen  11-09-1904 09-21-1988  Utica Cemetery  MI   Macomb 
 Stamper, Conrad Dale   04-07-1930 07-28-1956  Utica Cemetery  MI Macomb  
 Stamper, Daisy L Jan 2, 1940    Mt. Hope Cemetery  (Dawes Mtn) WV  Kanawha 
 Stamper, Docia  31 Jan 1899 18 Oct 1918    McMannen United Methodist Church Cemetery NC   Durham 
 Stamper, Emma G  1863 Apr  1927 Caledonia Methodist Cemetery  MO  Washington 
  Stamper, FLOYD B   JUN 4 1933  APR 3 1967   Hampton National VA   
 Stamper, GARY FRANK  11/9/1957  1/12/1958  Fairview  Shawnee OK Pottawatomie 
 Stamper, INA MAY    5/19/1969  Dale  OK  Pottawatomie
 Stamper, Infant Eula  13 Oct 1927  13 Oct 1927 Caledonia Methodist Cemetery   MO  Washington
Stamper, JOSHUA ERIN   4/26/1990  4/27/1990  Sunny Lane Sec. 13 OK Oklahoma 
 Stamper, Lenard 1905   1965   Utica Cemetery MI   Macomb
 Stamper, Leon Ord  1887  1973  Caledonia Methodist Cemetery  MO  Washington
Stamper, Mary Lillian   1886  1972  Caledonia Methodist Cemetery  MO Washington  
 Stamper, Nora  1921    Oakland Cemetery - German Addition  IA  Allamakee
 Stamper, Robert T  Mar22-61  Jan20, 2003  Mt. Hope Cemetery  (Dawes Mtn) WV  Kanawha
 Stamper, Rushia B      Utica Cemetery MI   Macomb
Stamper, Van      Wesleyan Cemetery   OH  Hamilton
 Stamper, Victor 1911    Oakland Cemetery - German Addition  IA  Allamakee 
BROOKSY NELL HOLT STAMPER, 84, passed away July 31, 2008. She was preceded in death by her husband,
Claude L. Stamper Jr., and son, Gary Stamper. She is survived by her sons, Wayne Stamper and wife Marynelle Davis, Leslie Stamper III, and wife Francine, Elden Stamper and wife Irma, Darrell Stamper and wife Tammie;
16 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; sisters, Banna Davis, Bobbie Armstrong; brother, W.L. Holt Jr.,
and many family and friends. Visitation will be held from 5-9 p.m., Monday, August 4, 2008, at Rosewood Funeral Home, Humble, TX, with a funeral service to be held at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, August 5, 2008, in the chapel.
Interment will follow at Houston National VA Cemetery.
Texas Death Records
Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health. As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from 1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche or CD-ROM
 Last, First & M Name Date   County Sex  Marriage 
Stamper Alberto Willie   06-06-1993   COLEMAN  M  
 Stamper Allen Ray 07-08-1984 BRAZORIA  M  
 Stamper Alvin Lee 05-20-1980    KAUFMAN  M  
Stamper Ardis Myrtle 07-24-1983 DEAF SMITH  F *not sure what 'Deaf' is  
 Stamper Arlie Dallas 12-26-1981   PARMER  M  
 Stamper Betty J 09-01-1975   BEXAR  F  
 Stamper Brenda  03-14-1987 DALLAS  F Add 
 Stamper Carolyn Ida  12-16-1997 HARRIS  F  
 Stamper Carrie Mae  01-30-1969 BEXAR  F WIDOWED  
 Stamper Chester Hodge JR 03-10-1968 HARRIS   M   SEPAR/DIVORCED
Stamper Chester S   08-31-1975   DALLAS  M  
 Stamper Cory Mark 11-10-1969    MC LENNAN  M   MARRIED
 Stamper Darrell Holt JR 02-10-1992 HARRIS    M  
 Stamper Deen JR 12-30-1992 MARTIN   M  
Stamper Deen SR    07-31-1980 MC LENNAN   M  
Stamper Dorothy Maryellen   12-26-1981 PARMER  F  
Stamper Earnest H JR    12-28-1965 KAUFMAN  M   MARRIED
Stamper Earnest Odell   06-12-1991    SMITH  M  
Stamper Edith F  10-05-1975   HOWARD  F   
Stamper Ellen Rebecca    06-15-1985 TARRANT   F  
Stamper Fleager   10-26-1973   MC LENNAN  M MARRIED  
 Stamper Florence Elizabeth 04-17-1996 JACK   F  
 Stamper Frank Anthony 05-17-1986 HARRIS   M  
Stamper Garland Alonzo    08-20-1990 TARRANT   M  
 Stamper George Colburn 10-12-1985 TRAVIS    M  
 Stamper George E 07-22-1984   HOWARD   M  
 Stamper Gordon U 04-03-1983   POTTER   M  
Stamper Grace Henrietta    01-04-1997 CHEROKEE   F  
Stamper Halbert Hinton    07-18-1985 HARRIS   M  
 Stamper Hansel Shirley Mae  11-13-1979  DALLAS  F  
 Stamper Harry Clinton  11-14-1965 SMITH  M MARRIED  
 Stamper Harry M  10-23-1977 LAMAR  M  
 Stamper Harry N  04-11-1971 HARRIS  M SINGLE  
 Stamper Henrietta Vada  04-08-1983  JACK  F  
Stamper Hiram Franklin   09-23-1982   JACK  M  
Stamper Hobert Ballard  06-01-1967   HALE   M SINGLE  
 Stamper Ione 06-30-1990   JEFFERSON  F  
 Stamper Jack R 01-16-1978 DALLAS    M  
Stamper James H JR 07-02-1998 BELL    M  
 Stamper James R 02-01-1972 DALLAS   M SINGLE  
 Stamper James R SR 08-11-1985   POTTER   M  
Stamper Jess Morgan    01-03-1995 KAUFMAN    M  
 Stamper Jesse Bradley  08-29-1988 MC LENNAN  M  
 Stamper Jesse J 11-06-1971 MC LENNAN  M   SINGLE
 Stamper Jim C JR 08-17-1974 EL PASO  M MARRIED  
Stamper Joe G T   06-18-1985    DALLAS  M  
 Stamper John E 12-07-1974 VAN ZANDT  M   SINGLE
 Stamper John Hoy 05-12-1967 TRAVIS   M   SINGLE
 Stamper John Ray 12-21-1983 BELL  M  
 Stamper Josephine Acenith 10-05-1992   BOWIE   F  
 Stamper Judy Lanelle 09-13-1998   DALLAS  F    
Stamper Katie V   03-31-1974 COLLIN  F   SINGLE
Stamper Lee   01-22-1993 HARRIS   M  
 Stamper Lee Ila 08-05-1996    MC LENNAN  F  
Stamper Leonard Bud   03-12-1985    KAUFMAN  M  
Stamper Leoria    04-03-1968 KAUFMAN  F   WIDOWED
 Stamper Lewis Haskel 06-30-1980 LAMAR  M  
 Stamper Lillian Gertrude  02-02-1984 DIMMIT F  
Stamper Logan M    02-13-1971  TARRANT M   SINGLE
 Stamper Louis E 06-13-1970   DIMMIT  M   SINGLE
 Stamper Louise Millie 12-31-1995 JEFFERSON     F  
 Stamper Lounett  12-02-1988 DALLAS    F  
 Stamper Loyd Wesley  06-02-1998 TRAVIS    M  
 Stamper Lucy G  09-01-1983 BEXAR    F  
Stamper Lula Adams    01-17-1983 TARRANT  F  
 Stamper Mabel A.  11-18-1989 TRAVIS  F  
 Stamper Maggie Lena  04-27-1991 KAUFMAN F   
Stamper Margaret Isabel    09-18-1991 HARRIS  F  
Stamper Marion Young    07-08-1984  BEXAR M  
 Stamper Martin E 10-11-1970   DALLAS M SINGLE  
 Stamper Mary Gertrude 11-25-1965    HOWARD  F WIDOWED  
 Stamper Mary L 10-28-1997 ATASCOSA   F    
 Stamper Mary Lincoln  09-14-1994 DENTON    F  
Stamper Mary Tilda    07-29-1986  DENTON F  
Stamper Mavis Nettie    01-29-1994 DALLAS  F  
 Stamper Maxine Virginia  08-13-1988 TRAVIS F  
 Stamper May  10-24-1985 TARRANT F  
Stamper Michael Glenn    01-12-1984  TARRANT M  
 Stamper Mildred Ophie  06-19-1991  TARRANT F  
Stamper Mollie Flora  07-27-1983   LIBERTY F   
 Stamper Nancy Ann  07-15-1980 HARRIS F   
Stamper Nettie Annis    06-16-1992  KAUFMAN F   
 Stamper Nicholas Shane  07-07-1979 TARRANT M  
 Stamper Nicole Marie  02-12-1988 TRAVIS F  
 Stamper Patricia Kay  12-05-1981 LIBERTY F  
 Stamper Paul Alvin  03-30-1998 BOWIE  M  
Stamper Paul Bryan    04-16-1987 GREGG  M  
 Stamper Raymond Dean  01-26-1997  DALLAS  M  
 Stamper Richard Lovell  05-26-1990 TARRANT M   
 Stamper Roy M 06-17-1977    ATASCOSA M  
 Stamper Sada Milton  06-22-1966 EL PASO   M   SINGLE
 Stamper Sherry Lynn  11-03-1966 DALLAS  F MARRIED  
 Stamper Smith  01-28-1969 BEXAR  M   SINGLE
 Stamper Stephen  05-19-1981 DALLAS  M  
Stamper Thelma A    02-18-1992  BEXAR  F  
Stamper Thelma Jewel  07-17-1987   KAUFMAN  F  
Stamper Toribia Holguin    03-16-1987 COLEMAN F   
 Stamper Treva M  05-23-1975 GREGG  F  
Stamper Troy C    02-16-1976  COLLIN  M  
 Stamper Troy Lee  07-09-1992 KAUFMAN  M  
 Stamper Velma  08-22-1985  HARRIS  F  
 Stamper Vernon Debs  09-03-1966 COLEMAN  M   SINGLE Add
Stamper Vicki Veatrice    11-19-1986 DENTON  F  
Stamper Virginia Elizabeth  04-10-1995 BOWIE  F  
Stamper Walter Bailey    05-03-1986 JEFFERSON M  
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