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Report Of The Inspector Of Mines Of Kentucky For The Year 1899


GRANT MINE (No. 7) - Grant, KY
Operated by the Ashland Coal & Iron Co. (See Rush mine No. 6, Boyd County)

RUSH MINE (No. 10) - no information

Operated by the Straight Creek Coal Co., P. O. Mt. Sterling. M. M. CASSIDY, president; W. T. TIBBS, secretary;
Kent PRITCHARD, general superintendent; Robert STAMPER, mine foreman.

Deed: Abraham Nelson
Catherine Campbell
James D. Campbell to John Phillips

State of Tennessee
County of Campbell

Deed Book: L
Page(s): 155-156
Date: January 6, 1851
Submitted by: Suzanne M Pratt
Grantor(s): Abraham Nelson Catherine Campbell James D. Campbell
Grantee(s): John Phillips
Neighbors: Salters Loys Hancock Salters Tevis Henderson Shulbreds

We James D. CAMPBELL Catherine CAMPBELL formerly Catharine NELSON and Abraham NELSON heirs at law of
Pulasky NELSON deceased have this day Bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and Convey to John PHILLIPS
and his heirs for ever for the consideration of two hundred dollars to us in hand paid our undivided interest in a tract
of land in the State of Tennessee Campbell County Containing one hundred acres more or less and Bounded as follows
Begining on the south on a Branch Known By the name of Bakers Branch on SALTERS line Runing South East on Said
line to a hickory in Said line John LOYS corner thence with a Conditional line Made By Martin HANCOCK and John LOY
across said lot Said lot (repeated) to a white oak on the dividing line Between SALTER and TEVIS thence with Said line
to HENDERSON and Companys South line thence with Said line to the dividing line Between ALVIS and SALTER on
Clinch River thence down the enadering of Clinch River to SHULBREDS Corner thence Runing with Said line north west to
Powells River thence up the Meanders of Said River to the Mouth of the Branch thence up the Branch to the Begining to
have and to hold Said undivided interest it Being the one half of Said tract as above discribed to the Said John PHILLIPS
his heirs and assigns for ever we do Covenant with the Said John PHILLIPS that we are lawfully Seized of Said land have
a good Right to Convey it and that the same is unincumbered we do further Covenant and Bind ourselves our heirs and
Representatives to warrant and forever defend the title tot he one half of the above discribed land and Eary (sic) part
thereof to the Said John PHILLIPS his heirs and assigns against the lawful Claims of all persons whatever this first
part of January 1851

Jesse B. STAMPER Abraham NELSON (Seal)
John RYAN James D. CAMPBELL (Seal)
Catharine CAMPBELL (Seal) State of Tennessee } Campbell County }

Personally appeared Before Me William CARY Clerk of Campbell County Court Abraham NELSON James D. CAMPBELL and
Catharine A. CAMPBELL the foregoing named Bargainors with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that
they Executed the foregoing deed for the purposes therein Contained and Catharine A. CAMPBELL the feme Covert haveing
also personally appeared Before Me privately and a part from her husband the said James D. CAMPBELL Acknowledged the
Execution of Said deed to have Been done By her freely voluntaryly and understandingly with out Compulsion or Restraint
from her Said husband and for the purposes therein Expressed

Witness ("my hand at office" marked out) William CARY Clerk of Said Covert at office this second day of January 1851

William CARY Clk

Registered January the 6th 1851 at ten O Clock in the forenoon

John GRIMES Reg. C. Cty

Index to the Conveyance of Deeds

The following index is from the
Conveyance of Deeds Book
July 1848 - July 1881
Roll #26

Surnames A - I were transcribed by Maria A. Edwards
Surnames J - Z were transcribed by Laura L. Gibson

Many thanks to both Maria and Laura for transcribing this index!!
We appreciate their time and efforts.

A deed of conveyance from GRANTOR(S) to GRANTEE(S) for # acres of land in Campbell County was this day presented
for acknowledgment by the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted admitted to record and certified for register
this DAY of day of MONTH YEAR.
William Carey, Clk

A copy of the page that the deed appears on may be ordered from the Tennessee State Library and
Archives or the Campbell County Clerk, 195 Kentucky Street, Jacksboro, TN 37757.
Kincaid, John to Stamper, J. B. - 114

Minutes, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Vol.4 Date 1839 - 1846

Transcribed by Rick Chambers

Note: Page numbers in this index refer to those of the original volume from which this copy is made.
These numbers are carried in the left hand margin of this copy.

Copies of any of these records may be obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives or the
Campbell County Court House. If you obtain a copy of any one of these court records, please consider
sending me a transcription to put online.

Stamper, Jesse B. - 297, 346, 381, 466, 470 

 Heirs of Bonds STAMPS. Information, found in Book, "Maury Co., Tn., Will Book A B C-1, D and E, 1807-1832" Page 417.
Extracted by Kaye Wallace. Wilkins- Little John Wilkins, guardian of William John w. Thomas Asa Lefts Wall Lucy M Stamps,
minor heirs of Boids Stamps, deceased of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, report nothing as come to his hands as guardian.
Signed 27 Jan., 1829 Little John Wilkins, guardian (NOTE: No commas in list of heirs as shown)
 HYMAN, J.R. - Robert Hyman was apptd. admr. Mar. 29, 188. Heirs were Lucy Allsbrook (wife of K. Allsbrook),
LAURA STAMPER (wife of R.H. Stamper),..............Aug 9, 1889.
 PITTMAN, P. ELIZA - W.J. Burgess qualified as exr May 22, 1894. Heirs were R. A. Pittman........W.H. STAMPER.......
SUE STAMPER (minor).......ARTHUR STAMPER (minor) .......... The dec'd was the wife of Robert Pittman.
 WOOD, JOHN H. - J.J. Wood and A.H. Green qualified as exrs. Mar, 1, 1888. Heirs were.....SALLY STAMPER (wife of W.B. Stamper)
 STAMPER, A.J. - Account of sales Dec. 12, 1863 by James Stamper, admr. Account current from Dec 12, 1863 to Jan 29, 1872
with the admr. The record mentions the widow Laura A. Stamper
 STAMPER, JAMES H. - H.L. Lyon was appointed admr. Oct. 16, 1891. Heirs were Mrs. Mary C. Stamper, William H. Stamper and L.A. Lyon.

provided by Marge Turner, December 1997


A W?, 1855 WB-H:88 Stewart Co.
Asa, 1852 WB-XX:132 Stewart Co.
Blount John W., 1860 WB-1:401 Franklin Co.
John W.D., 1860 WB-1:401 " "
Mason, 1848 WB-F:486 Stewart Co.
Nicholas, 1858 RB-O:704 Montgomery Co.
Pitman, Eliza P., dated 1894, mentions Stamper heirs.
Robert, 1832 RB-F:369 "


 Will of Thomas Adivlle Stamps , Haywood County, Tennessee 1910,
contributed by Kaye Wallace ;

I Thomas Adivlle Stamps. do make and publish this as my last will and testamant, hereby revoking and making void all others by
me and any time made. FIRST. I direct that my funeral expenses all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of
any money that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor. SECONDLY: I give and bequeath to my
beloved wife, Mary Ellen Stamps, all of my real and personal property, consisting of one hundred and ninty 190 acres of land,
and all of the personal property that I may die possessed of, to have and to hold and reap all benefits for herself and my children
during her natural life. THIRDLY; I do not want any division made in my real estate in anyway whatever until my youngest living
child shall have become of the age of twentyone years, or if my beloved wife is still living when my youngest living child becomes
of the age of 21 years, the property is still to remain in her possession until her death. LASTLY; I do here by nominate and appoint
George T. Lott my executor, also as I am executor of Miles Privitt and as his business is not wound up at this time, I do nominate
and appoint the said George T. Lott executor of the said Miles Privett estate in my stead, with all the power which I posess in
reguard to said estate, In witness whereof I do to this my Will, set my hand, this 12 day of September, one thousand, nine
hundred and Ten 1910.; T. A. Stamps (seal); Witness #J. D. Marbury; #J. A. Brown; Done at my office this Sept. 12, 1910
E. B. Boren, Justice of the Peace for Haywood County, Tennessee
Forty-third Regiment Tennessee Volunteers
Confederate States Army see Stamper references
 NAME: Stamper, Dewitt Clinton. WIDOW: Stamper, Sophia Alford PENSION #: W4690 COUNTY: Franklin
NAME: Stamper, Isaac Jones. WIDOW: Stamper, Martha Ann PENSION #: W4232 COUNTY: Bradley
NAME: Stamper, James Madison. WIDOW: Stamper, Jane PENSION #: W894 COUNTY: Montgomery
NAME: Stamper, Joseph H. PENSION #: S8340 COUNTY: Bradley UNIT: 62nd Inf.
NAME: Stamper, Richard PENSION #: S6173 COUNTY: Stewart UNIT: 50th Inf.
NAME: Stamper, T.J. PENSION #: S8339 COUNTY: Bradley UNIT: 43rd Inf.
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