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 Emigrants to Pennsylvania
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William Herbert assigns John Herbert his apprentice to John Stamper of Phila for the remainder of his time
nineteen years from March 24th 1740. Consideration 5 / - customary dues.
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William Rankin assigns John Corporall (a servant from Ireland in the snow Dublin's Prize) to John Stamper of Phila,
merchant for four years from April 17th 1746. Consideration >25; customary dues.
 Pennsylvania Archives
Second Series Vol III Edited by John B Linn
Names of Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania between the years of 1776 and 1794 
page 22 June 30, 1778
Joseph Stamper
John Stamper
 I located this information in 2001 / 2002 while at the Middletown Public Library; Middletown, Ohio
 ( Miscellaneous Records of the Court of the Ordinary, Book LL:294-296 on SC Archives microfilm #ST368A (LDS #194647) reads as follows:
 "To all People to whom these presents shall come, I Peter Bankson of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pensylvania Shipwright the Brother and Residuary Legatee and Devisee named in the Testament and Last Will of Andrew Bankson
formerly of the said City, But late of Berkley County in the Province of South Carolina Blacksmith deceas'd send Greeting.
Know ye That I the said Peter Bankson for divers good Causes and Considerations mean this behalf specially moving have nominated and appointed and by these presents do Nominate & appoint Mr Robert Raper of Charlestown in South Carolina aforesaid Merchant my True and Lawful Attorney For me and in my Name on my behalf, and for my use, to Ask Demand Sue
for and by all Lawfull ways and Means, recover and Receive of and from Mr Daniel Ravenel the Elder and Mr. William Plent Executors of the Testament & Last Will of my said Late Brother Andrew Bankson deceased and also of & from all and every
other person and Persons, whatsoever who are the Representatives of the said Andw Bankson deceased, all and every such
Sum & Sums of money Gifts Bequests Legacies, Effects and Estate whatsoever given Devised or Bequeathed or which are due owing payable or belonging unto me the said Peter Bankson by the Last Will and Testament aforesaid or otherwise howsoever [page 295] And upon Receipt thereof for me and in my name to make give and execute all and every Legal Releases, Acquittances Discharges for the same, and on non Payment thereof, for me and in my name to Commense and Prosecute any Suit or Suits in
Law or Equity for receiving thereof for that purpose my person to Represent in any Court or Courts in any manner which shall be needful or necessary to be done and generally to Do Transact and Execute, all and every Act Matter or thing which shall be needful or necessary to be done for Demanding Recovering Receiving, and giving Discharges for such Sum & Sums of money Legacies and Effects as fully and Effectively to all Intents and Purposes as I myself might or could do were I personally
Present & did the same in my own proper Person, and one or more atttorney or attornies under him my said Attorney for the Purposes aforesaid to Substitute and at Pleasure Revoke; Andwhatsoever the said Robert Raper or his Substitutes shall Legally
do or Cause to be done in & about the Premises I do hereby allow Ratify and Confirm In witness whereof, I the said Peter Bankson have hereunto sett my hand and Seal the Twenty third day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred
& Sixty. Peter Bankson (L.S.) Signed Sealed & Delivered in the Presence of Us John Ross, Reun Moore, Joseph Stamper
 "Be it Remembred that on the Twenty third day of April in the year of our Lord 1760. Before me John Stamper Esqr Mayor
of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pensylvania personally appeared the above named Constituent Peter Bankson and
in my Presence did sign, Seal and as his Act and Deed deliver the above writing Declaration or Letter of Attorney, and
John Ross, Reuben Moore and John Stamper did also in my presence subscribe their respective names thereunder as witnesses
of such Signing Sealing and Delivery And also at the same time before me the said Mayor, personally appeared Jacob Bankson
of the City of Philadelphia aforesaid Gent aged Seventy five years or thereabouts. who being Sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God Did depose declare & say in manner following that is to say, That he this Deponent is well acquainted with the
said Appearer Peter Bankson and so hath been ever since the [page 296 obscure] said Peter's Birth And That he this Deponent
also knew and was well acquainted with John Bankson and Elinor his Wife (the Father and Mother of the said Peter) was present at the solemnization of their marriage, that the said John Bankson and Elinor his Wife had six Children & in particular a Son named Andrew Bankson, with whom this Deponent was well acquainted from the said Andrew's Infancy upwards until about Twenty eight years ago when the said Andrew left this City, and went to reside as this Deponent was informed in South Carolina where he lately died, That the said Andrew and Peter were Brothers of the Whole Blood and two of the eldest children of the said John Bankson and Elinor his Wife now both deceased, and that he this Deponent is informed the said Andrew made a Will
in South Carolina and gave the Residuary Part of his Estate unto His Brother the aforesaid Peter Bankson. [signed] Jacob
Bankson (his mark IB)
"In Faith & Testimony whereof I the said Mayor have hereunto Set my Hand and caused the Seal of the Mayorality of the
said City of Philadelphia to be affixed the day & Year above written John Stamper Mayr

Reuben Moore one of the Subscribing Witnesses to the within Instrum't of writing being duely sworn maketh oath and Saith
That he was pres't and did see the within named Peter Bankson Sign Seal and as his Act and deed deliver the within Letter
of Attorney to and for the Uses & Purposes therein mentioned That John Ross and Joseph Stamper were then also present and with the Deponent subscribed their names as witnesses thereto. Sworn the 3d June 1760 Before me Jno Hernington JC}
Recorded 23d July 1760."
The 75-year-old Jacob Bankson [#26] was an uncle of Andrew and Peter.)


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