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 June 29, 2000: Roy Larkin Stamper
Roy Larkin Stamper Roy Larkin Stamper
 Roy Larkin Stamper is 103 and still lives on the land his father bought in former Indian Territory. Today, it's the Stamper Quarter Horse Ranch, near Locust Grove, Oklahoma. In his long and exciting life, "RL" has raised cattle, broke horses, moved hourses, worked in the oil fields and in coal mines. Since the early 1930s, he's also preached at revivals and he's travelled all over the west as a "fisherman for souls."
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 Appears in The Ravia Weekly News, Friday, 28 October 1910, Johnston County, Oklahoma
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 Frank Henson, alleged to have fatally wounded Deputy Sheriff Charles Stamper when the officer attempted to
raid a negro crap game in Dawson two weeks ago, and Bud Newman, another negro implicated in the shooting were Thursday arraigned before Justice of the Peace J. J. Slack to answer a charge of murder in the first degree.
 Posted 10/16/2008
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