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Before the year 1800, there was no preacher here-and we have no means of knowing who were members. In that year, the Western Conference, which included all of the territory west of the Alleghany Mountains, sent John Stoneman to the work on the Muskingum and Hocking rivers. His field of labor was some three hundred miles wide. He was followed, in 1801, by J. P. Chenowort, who was succeeded, in 1802, by N. B. Mills, and he, in 1803, by William Reed.

In 1804, the Ohio District of the Western Conference was formed, with William Burk as Presiding Elder, and George Askins was appointed to the work in this part of the State. [Rev. John Goshen held the first Love-Feast ever held in Zanesville, in 1805 ; among the prominent Methodists of that time, were : "Mother Goff," Samuel Parker and wife, and Mrs. Dr. Hillier -according to E. H. Church.] Mr. Askins was followed by James Quinn and John Meek. They were succeeded, in 1806, by Luther Taylor ; and, in 1807, came that man of wonderful life- Peter Cartwright. In 1808, there is a doubt as to who labored in this field, but it is believed that Isaac Quinn and William Patterson were here. In 1809, the Muskingum District was formed, out of part of the Ohio District, and James Quinn was appointed Presiding Elder, and James Watts and Ralph Lotspeed were appointed to our part of the District. In 1810, William Sale was Presiding Elder, with no change made in the preachers. The following year, came John Stronge and Jacob Mills. In 1812, James B. Finley was appointed, and this was thought a promising field.

Our present Ohio Conference was formed in 183, including the Muskingum District, and in it we first find the name of Zanesville as an appointment, which is as follows :

Year. - Presiding Elders. - Preachers.

1813 - David Young, - John Clingan,

1814 - " - William Dixon,

1815 - " - Joseph Kinkead,

1816 - Jacob Young, - William Knox,

1817 - " - John Waterman, Thomas Carr,

1818 - " - John Tivis, Samuel Glaze,

1819 - " - Thomas A. Morris, Charles Elliott,

1820 - Jonathan Stamper - Thomas A. Morris, Sam'l C. Brockemier

1821 - Charles Waddle - James Hooper, Archibald McElroy,

1822 - Jacob Young, - Leroy Swormstead, Moses M Hinkle

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