Stamper Family Project
Documents Relating To The Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History Of The State Of New Jersey
Edited and Indexed By Elmer T Hutchinson; Corresponding Secretary, New Jersey Historical Society
 page 426 New Jersey Colonial Documents
1776, Feb 6 Wallace, John, of Philadelphia, Penna, merchant: will of. Wife, Mary, L500, furniture,
and plantation at Rariton in N J, which I bought of Reverend M Hardenburg. Son, Joshua Maddox
Wallace, L5. Daughter, Ann, L100. Youngest son, William, rest of estate when he is 21.
Executors - wife, Mary, and friends, Joseph Stamper and Henry Drinker, of Philadelphia,
Merchants. Witnesses - Richard Whitehead, Lewis Weiss. Proved March 23, 1784.
1784, May 27. Adm'r - William Wallace, of Somerset Co, son of John. Fellowbondsman - John D'Alvey, of said Co. Whereas, Joseph Stamper and Henry Drinker renounced, and Mary, wife of John Wallace, is now dead. 
 1783, Oct 29. Renunciation by Joseph Stamper and Henry Drinker. Witnesses - John Balderston and William Drinker.
1784, Oct 4. Inventory, made by Dirck Middagh and Jacob Ten Eyk.
Lib. M, p. 277.
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