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 The Stanton Christian Church
A History

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Another name that ranks high on Stanton Christian's roster of 'good and faithful servants' is that of Nettie Ewen.

Nettie (nee Stamper), daughter of Larkin and Parthenia Stamper, was born September 24, 1906. She was baptised into Christ in 1918, and united with Stanton Christian Church. She has remained steadfastly true to her Christian committment. At the age of fourteen, she began playing the piano for Christian Endeavor programs, and within a short time thereafter she was playing for the entire worship program of the church.

In 1923, the Stamper family moved to Crestwood, Kentucky. However, Nettie who at that time was a sophomore in Stanton Academy, remained in Stanton until her graduation in 1925 before joining her family in their new home. During the school year of 1925 - 26, she attended Morehead State Teachers College, Morehead, Kentucky, and in the autumn of 1926, she began her career as a teacher in Powell County Schools.

On February 5, 1927, Nettie married Ebon Ewin, only son of Robert and Daisy (Derickson) Ewen, both of whom were for many years prominent and effectual workers in civic affairs of this community and particularly those of Stanton Christian Church.

For a period of nine years (1933 - 1942), the young people lived in Covington, Kentucky, where Ebon was employed. While there they attended the Madison Avenue Christian Church, but they retained their membership in Stanton Christian.

In 1942, Ebon's father, now in declining health, summoned Ebon home to assume management of the family farm and other business interests. Upon their return to Stanton, Nettie resumed her station at the piano bench at Stanton Christian, a position which, with brief intermissions, she has held ever since. She admits to an occasional twinge of arthritic pain in her fingers; but in stubborn defiance of these, she goes on playing.


The Stanton Christian Church
A History
By Herbert G Profitt


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