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Owen Co., KY Deeds
(SLFHL 0272761)
O/31. 12/22/1858 rec. 12/22/1858; Jesse C. Lyon + Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Holbrook to Nathaniel Stamper;
$14.25 for 100 acres in Owen Co., KY on Eagle Cr., the same land owned by William Holebrook and on which he lived
at the time of his death and which descended to his children of whom said Elizabeth is one; Signed J.C. (X) Lyons + Elizabeth (X) Lyons.
Owen Co., KY Deeds Book J 1846-1849 (SLFHL 0272758)

p379. 2/24/1848 rec. 9/12/1848; James Taylor + Lousian<sic> his wife, Rebecca Taylor, William Holbrook + Hannah his wife,
Benjamin Martin + Elizabeth his wife, Benjamin F. Stamper + Jane his wife, Owen Co., KY, heirs of Grooms Taylor, dec'd.;
Thomas Taylor + William Taylor also heirs of said Grooms Taylor, dec'd.; Signed Benj. Stamper his mark, Jane Stamper her mark, Rebecca Taylor her mark, Wilbern<sic> Holbrook his mark, Hannah Holbrook, Benjamin Martin, Elizabeth Martin, James Taylor, + Lousiann Taylor
 Owen Co., KY Court Order Book E 1846-1853
(SLFHL 0272767)

486 9/20/1852 Jane Gross + Nathaniel Stamper appointed adm. of estate of Isaac Gross, dec'd
Owen Co., KY Deeds Index 1819-1961 Grantees A-L
(SLFHL 0272749, SJFHC 5512)

Year Grantee Grantor Inst Book Page Desc 1866 Lyon, William L. Jesse Stamper Est.+@ Deed Q/190 Int trt Stevens Cr. 1866 " " " Q/261 1/17 int trt Stevens Cr. 1866 " " " Q/296 1/17 " 1866 " John Stamper + @ " Q/297 1/17 " 1866 " Nancy Lyons + @ ComrD R/90 1/7 int 145 A Stevens Cr. 1871 Lyons, W.L. Martha Stinson + @ Deed V/46 11 A Stevens Cr. 1871 " Robert J. Sebree+wf " V/199 13 A Stevens Cr. 1873 " Sarah Lills Est. + @ " W/157 2/15 int trt Stevens Cr.
Owen Co., KY Deeds Index 1819-1961 Grantors H-Q
(SLFHL 0272752, SJFHC 5515)

Year Grantor Grantee Inst Book Page Desc x 1858 Lyons, Elizabeth, Nathaniel Stamper deed O/31 1/6 int 100 A Eagle Cr. Jesse C., + ux x 1859 Lyon, Hannah, John L., Jacob O'Banion " O/183 100 A Eagle Cr. Thirza, + Milton A. x 1862 Lyon, James, Isabella, James S. Forsee ComrD P/163 164 A Savern Cr. + @ x 1862 Lyon, Isabella + @ James S. Forsee " P/190 70 A Severn Cr. 1866 Lyon, Ann + William L. Jacob Gross, Jr. deed Q/475 9/17 int 155 A Stephens Cr. 1866 Lyon(s), Hiram, Cynthia, William L. Lyon " R/90 1/7 int 145 A Stevens Cr. Nancy, + Mary S. 1866 Lyon(s), Jesse William L. Lyon " R/90 1/7 int 145 A Stevens Cr. 1871 Lyons, Jane + Jerry William A. Bailey POA U/576 POA 1875 Lyons, Elizabeth, William Gross + @ ComrD X/566 37 A Eagle Cr. Jesse, + @

Owen Co., KY Deeds Book J 1846-1849 (SLFHL 0272758)

Transcript of letters from Rebeccah J. Howard to F.S. Taylor Kentucky Ancestors, v9. #4, Mrs. Glenn R. Hand, 1974.
Canby, Owen Co., Ky. Dec. 2, 1882 Dear Nephew: Your kind letter came to hand yesterday to which I will now take
pleasure in answering. We are all well except myself. I am very much affected with rheumatics. We were glad to learn that
you all are well pleased with your new home and glad to learn that Catherine is settled permanently in a good country and
may you all do well is my happiest wish. You wish for information as to our family, as to our ancestry as far back as I can
remember. I will commence with Grandfather Taylor whose name was Thomas and lived in Madison County where our
nearest relatives resided. He had a sister named Grace who married a Jones and lived near Mount Sterling in Montgomery
County. My Grandmother on the paternal side was a great family of people. Her maiden name was Hannah Bartison and
a better woman than her never lived. I will now give the names of some of my uncles on paternal side. Uncle Groom, the eldest,
Father, Benjamin Taylor, and Uncle William, Uncle Tarleton and Uncle Parker, who was the youngest boy, besides there
are three aunts on paternal side to wit: Aunt Grace, Jennie, and Rebec- cah, who was the youngest child, all of whom I have
named were noted especially as a peaceable, quiet and energetic family, noted as strong Democrats, and all strong Reformers,
except for Uncle Groom who was a Baptist. I must tell you that Uncle William Taylor was so strong and uncompromising a
Democrat that his faith and political principle was the only thing that he was ever known to fight for. Ay! he gave his all to the
old Jeffersonian party, firm and irreconciliable. Indeed all the Taylor family of whom I know anything about were loyal to that
principle, except old Uncle Zack "the hero of Buena Vista" who was elected president on the "Whig platform" and who was
a member of our family. I will now give you some of the names of the first cousins of father, who lived near Mount Sterling viz,
Jesse, Frank, Augustine, and Thomas. In addition, I will now give you the names of some of my first cousins on Father's side:
Uncle Groom's children who are now living are all here in Owen and Grant Counties. Cousin Hannah, married Wilburn Holbrook,
Eliza- beth married Benjamin Martin. Jane married Frank Stamper, a merchant in Owenton. Rebeccah married Judge Jesse
Holbrook of Owenton, formerly County Judge of Owen County, and who is now one among the most wealthy in Owen County.
Thomas, James, and Wesley, the boys, are neighbors to us, in good circumstances and among the most highly esteemed of our citizens.
Uncle William's children are the following: Parker, Speed, Cassius, and Pendleton, and Owen who was named for Owen County
for its unparralel- led loyalty to the Democracy. They live in Madison County, except Speed, who lives in Washington County, Ky.,
and all in good circumstances. Uncle Tarleton's children are the following: Frank, who lived in Jessamine County in the heart of the
Blue Grass country, and said to be the wealthiest man in Jessamine County, is the oldest now living. Bartson, the youngest lives in
Lexington, owns two farms in Madison County, also a lot and hotel in Lexington, and among her highly esteemed citizens. Aunt
Jennie Taylor married Dovan Hendren of Lexington, and there is now a large family of them in Lexington. Cousin William Hendren
was a preacher of the Christian faith. Uncle Parker's children living are the following: William Taylor lives in Grant County near
Dock's. Susan married Hiram Taylor, living now in Estill County. Maranda Taylor lives now in Missouri, and America married a
Beasley living on the Kentucky River. One of the boys was named Green, one Faette, and one Elijah. They all live in Trimble County
near the Kentucky River. There is a second cousin of mine living near Warsaw in Galatin County, very wealthy and a good and
enterprising citizen. His name is Tarlton. Aunt Grace Dunkin's boys live near Danville in Boyle County. Willie Dunkin married
Miss Annie Goodnight near Danville. My youngest aunt Becah married Benjamin Kidwell in Madison County. Aunt Mary Taylor
married James Howard in Madison County. Young A. J. Taylor formerly of Danville now a noted Baptist Divine in Lexington,
is a second cousin of mine. Grandmother Taylor's sister, Jane Bartison married Jacob Canetscer who was uncle to my mother.
Christopher Canetscer was another uncle to my mother. My grandmother on mother's side was Margarett Canetscer. Her
mother's maiden name was Smith. My grandfather on maternal side was Joseph Mings who migrated from England and was
in the war of the Revolution and fought at Bunker's Hill. Hoping this will suffice for the present and as I cannot think of any
more of ancestry farther back I will close. With much love to all the family and hoping to hear from all soon, I remain your
affectionate aunt, Rebeccah J. Howard P. S. Dock and Mary Jane send their love and respect to you all and wish you well.
They all are well as common.
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