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Glad to help, I am new at this and it can be difficult getting good sources on this info, so I would love to help anyway I can. Did you get the copies of the family bible?

My direct lineage:

George W. Stamper born 13 March 1857 and died 31 May 1917 (possible the son of George W. Stamper & Nancy Nickle... still getting better info on that)

Mark Hanna Stamper Sr. born 5 September 1897
Married Beulah Burton 28 Dec 1925
Died 8 December 1972

Mark Hanna Stamper Jr. born 2 November 1926
Married Nevelyn Joyce Arthur 31 July 1950
Died 26 October 1993

Donald Stamper born 14 September 1956
Married Robin Ann Young
Still Alive

Zachary David Stamper 28 Feb 1977

11628 Loveland Cir.
Eagle River Alaska 99577
(907) 696 1305

I have lived In Alaska most my life, except for my military years where I have been to every US State except Maine, and visited 13 other countries and I still came back to Alaska!
I have an account with that is public feel free to check it out. If you would like any other info I may have, just send me a email,
if you have any info to help me solidify my conclusion about "my" George W. Stamper being the son of George W. Stamper and Nancy Nickle let me know...

Zach ... I think (not positive); that your George Washington Stamper; married to Lula V Tabor
... was the s/o William P and Nancy B Owens Stamper. William, being the son of Andrew Jackson
and Susan Fannin. No info available for Nancy B Owens. Maybe you could check and see
what might be listed with Please let me know the results ... Thanks, GF
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