Stamper Family Project

 The Church met and after singing and prayer, may found in peace?

( Sister James Stamper so requested a letter of dismission from the church to join one more convenient and the church granted her request.March the 2nd Saturday,1840 )

Church Was Organized in 1808 By Elder Daniel Williams
(Some of these people have married into the Stamper Family)
For the year 1837 Minutes== Started Meeting At The South Fork For May 1837



John Perry - Dead 1849

Thomas Lewis - Dead 1849

William Burton - Disf. 1853

William Howerton - Dead

John Barker - Dead 1849

Joseph Lumpkins - Excluded

Williamson Barker - "

David Casady - Excluded

John Barker Jr. - Deceased

Mark Trimble - Dismist

Reuben Ratliff - Dead 1852

Joseph Cottle - Dead 3-1832 or 1887 ?

Mathew Adams - Dismt.

Absalom Haney - Ex. Restored

Richard Ratliff

Elijah Ratliff - Dismt.

Benson Davis - Excluded

William Lykins - 1852 Dismd.

Lewiston Hampton

William Sanders

William Barker - Dismt

George Fanning - Dismt.

Thomas Kelly - Excluded

John Lykins

John Barker,Jr. - Dismt.

Robert Prator - Excluded

Samuel Elam - D. 1866

Isaac Cottle

Martha Jones - Dead Oct.22,1849

Ann Lewis

Mary Hopkins - Dead

Black Nancy - Dead

Nancy Cottle - Dead 1850

Rebecca Day - Excluded

Elizabeth Perry - Excluded

Jane Williams - Dismist

Francis Day - Dismist

Susannah Jones - Dead

Hannah Lewis - Dead

Mary Day

Elizabeth Ferguson

Sary Wells

Hannah Burton - Difs. 1853

Rebecca Fuget

Mary Adams - Dismt.

Penelope Jones - Ex.

Sarah Barker - Dead

Rebecca Henry - Dead

Elizabeth Ratliff

Ruth Fuget - Dead 1862

Nancy Wells

Nancy Trimble - Dismt.

Mary Davis

Mary Winkell

Nancy Peyton

Elizabeth Sanders

Mary Ratliff - Dismt.

John Howerton

Bazel Abraims - Dismt.

Sarah Jackson - Excluded

Margaret Johnson

Sinthyan Oakley

John Robertson - Dismt.

William Tutt - Dismt.

David Carter

John Ratliff - Dead 1849

Mary Fanning

Henry Kemplin

David Wells

James Davis

James Hammons

Mary Prator

Martha Dennis

Charles Kilgore

James Howerton

Wells Cottle

Jane Allington - Dis.

Anna Harry

Sarah Hampton - Dismt.

Elizabeth Ratliff

Martha Ann Carter

Joseph Carter - Dead 1850

Thomas Abraims - Dismt.

Rachel Adams

Vilet Stacy

Elisha Johnson

Elizabeth Barker

Nancy Cockrell

Tanner Stamper

Prudence Lykins - Dest. 1853

Black Easter

Harrison Jackson - Ex.

Samuel Berton - Dead

Margaret Elam - Dead 3-7-1868

Elizabeth Kelly - Dis.

Malinda Cottle

Mahala Carter

Morgan County KY Church Records - Stampers
Contributed by Lorene Ridenour
South Fork Church, Malone, Morgan Co, KY
The Stamper Family Project
is the property of Golden Combs Ferguson