Stamper Family Project
 The Jim Brown Cemetery at Uz
 Description: The Jim Brown Cemetery at Uz (also known as the Uz Cemetery)
is a medium sized cemetery located on the sharp curve on highway 588;
just west of the mouth of Dry Fork above the Jim Brown House.
 Location: Approximately 37° 07' 01" North Latitude and 82° 52' 47" West Longitude.

 Directions: Take highway 15, just north of Whitesburg, to road 3401. Turn left on road 3401 and travel westward
along Dry Fork for about 0.9 miles to highway 588. Turn right on highway 588
and head westward about 0.7 miles to the sharp righthand curve in the road.
The cemetery is located on the left side of the road on the curve next to Harbor Dr.

Misc. Notes: The cemetery has a fence around it and is kept up pretty well.
The gate enters from the right side of the cemetery.

Lovel C. Stamper
APR. 3, 1909
FEB. 2, 1957
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is the property of Golden Combs Ferguson