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 Deseret News ; I have transcribed the text below ....
Louisville, Ky., Jan 26, 1887 -- On Oct 22nd one of the most frightful tragedies that ever took place in Kentucky 'occurred in the eastern part of Knox County. A house occupied by the Poe family was burned, and in the ashes were found the charred remains of eight persons. They were the bodies of Mrs Klttle (Kittie?) Poe, Miss Mary J Carson, Miss Mary Burns and Mollie, Axie, Lowrie, Pearlie and Willie Poe --- five children. It was afterward developed that they had been murdered, after which the house had been set on fire. The news has just reached here of the arrest of seen persons, all neighbors of the murdered family, charged with participating in the diabolical affair. Their names are Amelia Forms, Brice Mills, Palmer Mills, Wright Smith, Ella Jackson, Mollie Stamper and Pinda Hammond. The Forms woman is thought to be the leader of the gang and the instigator of the affair. She is a notorious courtesan and had great influence over the others who were arrested. On the day after the murder the woman was overheard to tell one of the others: "Thank God that we burned everything so there can be no traces left.

 The Mountain Advocate
Barbourville, Kentucky, - Friday, July 10, 1908 - Front Page
J T Stamper for County Judge (with picture( (N66827)
 In the proper place in todays lease appears the announcement of J T Stamper, of Barbourville, as a candidate for County Judge of Knox County.

Mr Stamper is too well-known to the voters to need any introduction. He has preached all over the country besides making the race for this office in the last primary and made an honorable race without the use of money or whisky.

He is a Republican of the ----pure stock, and while he has never held office has always worked for the party and when the campaign is on his voice will be heard in every part of our county in support of Republican mean and measures.
He was educated at Georgetown college and has made a very successful minister.

When the call was made for volunteers to enlist during the trouble with Spain he responded to the call and leaving his wife and children went forth as Chaplin of the 4th Ky Infantry following the traditions of his father who was a soldier in the Union army during the civil war, and remained until peace was declared, when he again returned home and took up his profession.

He places his claims in the hands of the Republicans of Knox county and will abide by the results; if defeated to submit gracefully, but if elected to serve the people to the best of his ability in the responsible position without favor or partiality to anyone.
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