Stamper Family Project
Carr Creek /Stamper Cemetery - Knott County

 Knott County, Kentucky

Hiram Stamper, b Aug 2, 1834 in Letcher Co, KY to John Whitt Stamper and Loucinda Hogg was married to Anna Francis, d/o Thomas Francis and Lourana Polly. Hiram died Feb 19, 1873, Knott Co, KY.

Hiram and his wife were originally buried at Ball Point Cemetery on Carr's Fork in Knott County , but this cemetery was one of the many which were moved to make way for the construction of Carr's Fork Lake. Hiram and Anna now rest in the Carr's Fork Memorial Cemetery.

Hiram Stamper is often referred to as 'Captain Hiram' because he attained the rank of Captain in the service of the Confederate States of America. He enlisted in the 5th Kentucky regiment on November 1, 1861 at Whitesburg, Kentucky and served in the 13th Kentucky regiment from September to October 1862. He was captured at the Battle of Leatherwood in Perry County, Kentucky on October 17, 1862 and later exchanged. He was again captured at Gladeville, Virginia on July 7, 1863.

July 2000

The two pictures you see here were at the setting of the marker for
Captain Hiram Stamper by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.


Faron Sparkman and Geneva C Smith.
Geneva is the gr gr granddaughter of Capt. Hiram Stamper



Danny Taylor, Geneva Smith
and Mr Caudill. Cemetery
(Donated by Mack & Dwight Holliday)
Located at Knott/Perry county line on Route 550 and directly across the creek from Engle Cemetery.
To get to it, you have to go up Meadow Brook and turn left go to a Trailer and get permission to go up
the road. N37*20.560 / W083*06.790  
 R1N1, Stamper, Mollie H, Nov 23 1909, June 19 1962, ossw R1N2
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R2N4, Roberts, Hazel Irene Stamper, 1919, 1939 wife of Bige Roberts ossw R2N5
R2N5, Roberts, Steward Devaughum, baby of Bige Roberts
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R2N11, Clem, Bessie Feltner, Aug 6 1915, April 14 1982,
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R2N15, Feltner, Parley, April 4 1907, Feb 20 1955, Ky Pvt 1962 Sve Comd unit WWII
R2N16, Feltner, Truman, Nov 8 1909, , only date
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