Stamper Family Project

Larry Stamper s/o Edward and Lillie Roberts Stamper,
s/o Larkin and Rachel Estes Stamper
s/o. McClellan and Amanda Jane Taulbee Stamper,
s/o James "Green" and Ellen Maloney Stamper,
s/o Larkin and Edy Wright Stamper,
s/o Joel JR. and Polly_______ Stamper,
s/o Joel and Nancy Cannady Stamper
s/o Jonathan and Rachel Moore/ Parks Stamper,
s/o Powell and Mary Brooks Stamper,
s/o John and Susannah_____________Stamper.

Best wishes to you Golden. Kay, we send our best.
Sam and Faye Stamper

Sam Stamper

January 6, 1950
Beattyville, Kentucky
Lee County High School

Larry was a 6'6" forward. In 1972, he was a member of the 110% Club. In 1971-1972 he was second in rebounding
& committed fewest errors (51). Currently teaches at Ezel Elementary School in West Liberty, Ky. 

Does anyone have any family information on Larry? Who were his parents; and from what county were/are they from?
Where is Larry now?

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