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Breathitt County News (Jackson, KY) 190? - 19??
February 21, 1908

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Woman Killed by O & K
Mrs Jane Kilbourn was struck by an east bound train at Frozen last Saturday afternoon while trying to drive her cow off of the track. The engine hit the cow and knocked her against the woman who was thrown between the engine and the platform and she was crushed so badly that she died the same night about twelve o'clock. She had been keeping house for her son, whose wife died about a month ago.

 Breathitt County News (Jackson, Ky) May 8, 1908
More Trouble
John Spicer was killed and Ed Callahan seriously wounded in a difficulty between the parties at the home of Callahan Monday. The trouble came up over a settlement, when Spicer cut Callahan in the arm, severing an artery, and Wick Callahan, son of Ed, shot Spicer through the head. Callahan is still in serious condition.
Spicer and Callahan were brothers-in-law and had lived close neighbors for several years.
Wick Callahan has not been arrested on account of the serious condition of his father, but says he is ready to surrender to the authorities at any time.

Breathitt County news (Jackson, KY); July 24, 1908 - Image 2

Howard Stamper

Democracy can make no mistake in nominating Howard Stamper as its candidate for Commonwealth's Attorney for this district. In fact, it will be a fatal mistake if it does not nominate him. He will lend more strength to the ticket than any one that could be nominated. He can defeat the Republican nominee by a majority that will stagger Mr Kash's conceptions of majorities. His nomination will mean added strength to the candidates for Circuit Judge and Congress. His opponent could not meet him on the stump nor equal him in making friends. Howard Stamper draws people to him wherever he goes. He is pleasant and genial and a splendid campaigner. He is better acquainted with the people in the district than any other aspirant.

Already the people are protesting against the idea for trusting the prosecution of crime to boys. It's a man's job. He ought to be a strong man mentally. The office of Commonwealth's Attorney should be filled by a man who has knowledge of people as well as a knowledge of the law. This knowledge can come only from long experience. Boys lack this experience. Generally the lack of knowledge of the law, also. He can fill out a man's job. Vigorous as a prosecutor, astute as a lawyer, eloquent as an orator, and honest as a man, he will make the district a prosecutor that the people can look to with pride.

A native of Wolfe County, Howard Stamper is loved by his home people. His countrymen will stand loyally by him. With him as the nominee the county will give the Democratic ticket 500 majority. Extensively related all over the district, with relatives who believe the blood is a closer tie than politics he will lessen the Republican majorities in the Republican counties. With him as the nominee the race will be a walk over for him and the ticket. Don't send a boy to mill when a man can put up the turn better.

The judicial district is Democratic. It will elect a Democratic Circuit Judge and Commonwealth's Attorney. But let's not be satisfied with a small majority. Let's act the part of wisdom and put out candidates who will be able to add such strength to the ticket that the majority will be overwhelming. The Democrats are united and the Republicans are divided. The Republican ticket is not a strong one. Democracy should put up a strong ticket. A contrast between a strong, able Democratic ticket and the weak one the Republicans have would be a vote getter. Stamper and a strong man for Circuit Judge -- men who would reflect a light of legal attainments and power -- would make the opposing ticket look like the proverbial thirty cents when the line of comparison is drawn. Nominate Stamper and he will be the next Commonwealth's Attorney associated with a Democratic Circuit Judge. The district must be redeemed.


The Hazel Green Herald (Hazel Green, Wolfe County, KY);
September 17, 1908 - Image 1

The above is the likeness of our country boy, Hon, A Howard Stamper, Democratic nominee for Commonwealth's Attorney for this (th 23rd) Judicial District. Howard has an indomitable will and courage that knows no such thing as defeat. He has from his childhood fought the battles single-handed and alone, his father William Stamper, having died when Howard was but a child. His mother, who a Lacy before she married, was a poor woman, and therefore was not able to give her boys the advantage of an education, but so soon as they were able to earn money by their labor, they procured the necessary books and took the advantage of every opportunity to acquire an education. Howard began teaching school at the age of 16 years, and took up the study of law soon after. He was admitted to the bar at the age of 24 years and has been one of the most successful lawyers in this Judicial District, and is conceded to be one of the ablest criminal lawyers in this section of the state. He is eloquent and a power before a jury, and, if elected, will make the people of this district one of the best Commonwealth's attorneys we have ever had, one that the good people, regardless of political affilitations, will be proud of and one that the violators of the law will fear. There is no office within the gift of the people that is of more importance that a Commonwealth's Attorney. The people want and

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Taken for River Men
Deputy U S Marshal Wm Mays of Owsley County, was here Tuesday. He had warrants a few days ago for the arrest of fifteen men charged with moonshining and the illegal sale of liquor on the head of Long's Creek, Squabble Creek, Bull's Skin and Buffalo Creeks. He sent word for them to meet him at Keen Gilbert's on Buffalo Sunday, which they did. Mr Mays says he approached Gilbert; all the parties were there awaiting him and that the scene resembled a crowd at at country meeting house. They were taken to Beattyville and placed in jail and were given an examining trial last Monday before U S Commissioner J M Beatty and three were acquitted and the remainder held over to the Federal court at Frankfort. Mr Mays said quite a number of people on the road thought they were river men and wanted to know where they were going to take their timber. The boys replied that they were going to run it to Frankfort and sell it on six months time and board it out..

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Tarlton Hollon and Miss Martha Allen were married on the 6th inst at the residence of the bride's parents, John B Lewis officiating.
A difficulty occurred on Long's Creek last Saturday between Jack Barger and Jim Sawyers which terminated fatally for the former. Sawyer claimed he had rented a stable of George Helton, who is Barger's father-in-law, and took possession and put his corn and stock into the stable. Barger then turned the stock out and swore he would put a lock on the door. He went away and soon returned with a lock. About the same time he arrived at the barn Sawyer shot him with a shot gun, instantly killing him.

Jackson Times ….. April 5, 1945

Promoted from Private First Class to Sergeant is Edgar Stamper,
son of Mrs Litha Stamper of Morris Fork. He is serving with the
83rd Infantry Division in Belgium.

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