Stamper Family Project
 Ed and Mary Kennedy Stamper of Long's Creek
article from Morris Fork Crafts

 It is a warm August evening, near the beginning of the new school year. The giggling, small, one-room schoolhouse near the head of Cow Creek is in the midst of a pie supper to raise money for the school. The girls have arrived with their pies to be sold to the shy but eager boys. The highest bidder will then have the privilege of eating the pie and square dancing with its baker after the bidding. A large, white sheet is stretched across the front of the schoolroom, with a lone light bulb dangling behind it. One by one, each woman with a pie steps behind the sheet, holds her pie up and the bidding starts, with the bidder seeing only a silhouette.

As the evening wears on, Mary Kennedy, known as 'Miss Mary', the Bible teacher (the Director of Christian Education for the thirteen rural Presbyterian Churches in Owsley and Lee Counties), steps behind the sheet and holds up a pie. The bidding starts, and the bids continue rising and rising until the pie is finally sold for a whopping $10.00. It seems some jokers from Morris Fork, a few miles away, had come over the hill and one named Ed Stamper kept bidding his buddies up until he finally ended up with the pie. Ed soon found out that the pie wasn't even home-baked one, but a 'brought-on' pie! That didn't deter him though, and a courtin' began for Ed and Mary that ended in marriage at the 'Morris Fork Presbyterian Church in January, 1956.

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