Stamper Family Project
of Indiana and Midwestern History
Vols. 11-15
Compiled by
Judith Q. McMullen and Rachel M. Popma
Indiana Historical Society Indianapolis
2005 Traces Index, Vols. 11-15
The numbers listed in the entries can be deciphered as follows: volume(issue): page numbers. Therefore,
Myles Brand [whose entry appears as Brand, Myles, 14(3): 38-39] is found in volume fourteen, issue three,
pages thirty-eight through thirty-nine.
 Entries for articles that appear in Traces are listed in bold under the name of the article as well as under
the name of the author(s). Several entries have identification in parentheses to better define them. For cities
and towns in Indiana, the counties in which they are located follow. Communities outside Indiana are
identified by the states in which they are located. In most cases, if a community name appears in an entry
without identification, the town is located in Indiana. Several personal names also have identification
after them to help distinguish between individuals with the same name.
 Entries were not always created for both towns and counties. For example, Vigo County was not indexed each
time Terre Haute appeared in the magazine. For complete information about a county, the user is advised to
refer to entries for communities that are located in that county as well.
1. The entries are alphabetized word by word (thus New York comes before Newton County).
2. Names beginning with the prefix "Mc" are alphabetized as if spelled "Mac."
3. Abbreviations such as Ft., Mt., and St. are alphabetized as they would be spelled out.
 The index for Traces appears in five-volume intervals. This index of volumes eleven through fifteen is
the first to be freely available through the IHS Web site,
Copies of the indices for volumes one through five and six through ten are available for purchase from
the Basile History Market. To order, call (800) 447-1830 or order online at
Zinkan, Joseph, 14(3): 10, 11
Zinkan, Mary Mae Stamper, 14(3): 10

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List of Names included in the Index to the McCrea-Brown Hardware Co

Clay County, Name Index to the McCrea-Brown Hardware Company Petty Ledger, 1902–1907
The name, Amos Stamper was on page 14 (index) of 15 pages. No further information on this particular 'Amos Stamper'.
Owen S. Stamper
Military Service Branch: Army; Voluntary inducted;
Entry Date: Nov 1942; Discharged: Jan 1946; Units: 490th AFA, 11th Armored Div; Theaters: Europe
Box 38, Folder 15

Owen S. Stamper Interview (1 of 2)
Box 67, CT 1466

Owen S. Stamper Interview (2 of 2)
Box 67, CT 1467

Owen S. Stamper Visuals
Visual Collections:
Box 4, Folder 5

Stamper, Lucille and Owen—Home front Box 6, Folder 19
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