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Pike County, Georgia Will Index
Wills appear for the following persons in Pike County Will Books for 1823-1829 and 1844-1876. I am adding
in others if submitted to this page. Links are made to the transcribed wills where they have been submitted.
Several suggestions for obtaining wills are given at the bottom of this page.
Stamper, Spencer, Book C:Page 38, 1849
Recorded: March 5 1849


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 13:03:15 -0400
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Subject: [GAPIKE] William Perkins
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William Perkins was b. 1818 GA d. 1892 Pike Co. married Nancy Jane Watson b.
1820 N.C. d.1896 Pike Co. received 80 acre Lot 157 Dist. 2 from Spencer
Stamper by Administrtive Deed executed Nov. 7, 1859 recorded Book T page 317

Also received 190acres Lot 162 Dist. 2 from Sarah Perkins by Admin. Deed
executed March 7, 1859 Book L page 370
Sarah Perkins Estate notice was posted B2 Page 77: Order Jan. 11, 1858 B2
Page 104

Trying to deternine if Sarah was William's mother and was Stamper related or
an Ordinary executing the deed for the estate?
Any help determining parents, or siblings of William would be greatly
Mitchell Perkins

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Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 08:57:18 -0400
From: "Lynn B. Cunningham" <>
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Subject: Re: [GAPIKE] Roll Call: Allen, Heflin, Hester, Boman, Ellis
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I have done a little work on Wyatt Heflin and Elizabeth Bevil. Elizabeth was the
sister of my great grandfather James Burton Bevil.

Descendants of Edward Bevil III

1 Edward Bevil III b: 26 December 1796 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia d: 25
October 1838 in Pike County, Georgia
... +Jane C. Wise b: 18 February 1798 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia m: Abt. 1819
in South Carolina d: Aft. 1880 in Pike County, Georgia
. 2 John Franklin Bevil b: 15 June 1822 in South Carolina d: 08 June 1900 in
Pike County, Georgia
...... +Serepta V. McNabb b: 23 September 1821 in Pike County, Georgia m: 24 April
1842 in Pike County, Georgia d: 21 December 1909 in Lamar County, Georgia
. 2 James Burton Bevil b: 31 July 1824 in Abbeville, South Carolina d: 09
February 1903 in Pike Co., Georgia
...... +Permelia Ann Hawkins aka: Pamela Ann b: 25 May 1835 in Putnam County,
Georgia m: 24 January 1854 in Pike County, Georgia d: 28 May 1932 in Pike Co.,
. 2 Martha Emily Bevil b: 07 January 1827 d: 18 August 1896 in Newton County,
...... +Joel C. Stamper b: 06 March 1823 m: 17 November 1844 in Pike County,
Georgia d: 20 November 1906
. 2 Elizabeth Ann Bevil b: 25 December 1829 in South Carolina
...... +Wyatt Heflin b: Abt. 1822 in North Carolina or Georgia m: 24 August 1848
in Pike County, Georgia
. 2 Nancy J. Bevil b: 16 July 1832 in Pike County, Georgia d: 16 August 1832 in
Pike County, Georgia
. 2 Mary Jane Bevil b: 13 January 1834
. 2 Spencer S. Bevil b: 30 September 1837 in Pike County, Georgia d: 09
September 1858 in Pike County, Georgia

I thought I had found Wyatt and Elizabeth in Henry County in 1850, but it was the
wrong family. If you have any suggestions on this family, I will be glad to follow


From Henry County:
Heflin, Wyatt H., 38, M, Farmer, $4,000, Ga.
Heflin, Lucinda, 34, F, Ga.
Heflin, S. R., 12, F, Ga.
Heflin, H. E., 10, F, Ga.
Heflin, A., 8, F, Ga.
Heflin, W. J., 6, M, Ga.
Heflin, J. S., 3, M, Ga.
Heflin, T. A., 1, F, Ga.


Margaret McCleskey wrote:

> I am researching between 1820 and 1846.
> Josiah Allen and Elizabeth Browning
> Wyatt Hester and Mary Allen
> William Wyatt Heflin and Mary Rebecca Richards
> David Green Heflin and Mary Ann Hester
> Mary Heflin and George Boman
> Frances Ann Heflin and Richard Paul Ellis
> James Richards Heflin and Sarah "Unknown"
> Wyatt Heflin and Elizabeth Bevil
> Margaret McCleskey, Arlington, TX


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Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 15:22:51 -0400
From: "Lynn B. Cunningham" <>
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Subject: Re: [GAPIKE] Ga-Pike Co. Wills (Stamper)
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As a follow-up on Spencer Stamper, there are a couple of Web pages dedicated
to this family. and

Joel C. Stamper married Martha Emily Bevil, daughter of Edward Bevil and Jane C. Wise. Martha Emily was a sister to my
great grandfather James Burton Bevil. Joel and Martha left Georgia to go to Mississippi along with several other members
of this family.

Thanks again, Bill for the wonderful work you are doing transcribing the
wills of Pike County!



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Subject: Ga-Pike Co. Wills (Stamper)
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Pike County GaArchives Wills.....Stamper, Spencer 184?
Copyright. All rights reserved.

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
Bill Russell May 15, 2004, 12:55 pm

Source: Book C 1849 Page 38 Pike County Probate Court
Written: 184?
Recorded: March 5 1849

Pike County
August 8th 1840

I Spencer Stamper being in a low state of health ------ it best to make my last will and Testament - First of all I appoint
my wife Sarah Stamper Executrix and Joseph Stamper my Executor to transact all my estate and business after my death.
I will all my estate both personal and real to my wife Sarah Stamper after all just debts being paid that is to say her lifetime
or widowhood if she should remarry she shall only be entitled to a childs part only and my will when she dies all my property
then be equally divided between all my children except Mary Willis. I appoint Joel C. Stamper Trustee for Mary Willis and
her children and he shall take one childs part of my Estate and take care of it and appropriate it to their benefit.
As my children become of age or marries my wife will give them as much as those that have left us. I will my children that
is smart be first educated out of my estate, the names of my children are as follows: Francis, Mary, Joel C., Starling P.,
George D., John, Louiza, Caroline, Martin, Thomas, Spencer T. I authorize my wife to sell any property of my estate or to
buy any property that will be for the benefit to the estate so long as she remains a widow provided Joel C. Stamper is willing
to the same not otherwise.

Spencer Stamper
Thomas M. Hawkins
Jonah Green
George D. Stamper


State of Georgia
Pike County

We Thomas M. Hawkins, Jonah Green, and George D. Stamper
Do solemnly swear that we saw Spencer Stamper sign, publish, and declare this
writing to be and contain his will and at the time thereof he was of sound
disposing mind and memory and that he did it free without compulsion to the
best of our knowledge this 5th March 1849

Thomas M. Hawkins
Attest in open court George D. Stamper
Wiley E. Mangham C.C.O.


 The address for the Pike County Probate Court is:
Probate Clerk
Pike County Courthouse
P.O. Box 10
Zebulon, Georgia 30295-0010
(770) 567-2000


There are several ways you can obtain copies of these wills.
· You can write the Pike County Courthouse and request a copy of the will. This method is generally successful if you know
the book and page number or at least the approximate date of death. Enclose a small check to cover copy costs and postage.
· You can submit a request to the state archives and they will conduct a search and send you the requested document for $25 out-of-state and $15 in-state. There are very prompt and do a wonderful job. The archives also have microfilm for sell, but
you do have to get permission from the county itself to purchase the county records.
· You can rent the microfiche thought your local LDS family history center at $3.20 a roll and do your own search. This is
a very economical option.
· You can try to locate a local volunteer or arrange a research swap with someone in the area. These arrangements can be
very beneficial and it's very economical.
· You can hire a local researcher, either in Pike Co or at the Georgia Department of Archives and History. Possibilities
are HERE [Check out the Holiday Special!] or HERE. If you want several documents, this option can be more economical
than ordering from the archives.
The above index was compiled from contributions from readers, from Jeannette Holland Austin's "Index to Georgia Wills,"
from Joyce Hill Gossett's "Abstracts of Pike County Will Books A and B and Part of C," and from my own personal and client records. I am finding discrepancies in the various sources, so I am in the process of compiling my own all surname index
directly from the microfilm. It will eventually replace the above index. Please let me know if you find errors or omissions.

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